The artwork for the single Evolve by Vito Gatto

Italian composer and violinist Vito Gatto is well renowned in classical circles, and has dipped his toes into a few other genres, having worked on collaborations with rock and experimental artists in recent years. His latest foray is into electronic music with new album Evolve, a 9 track LP which blends his classical roots with heavy digital processing and synthesized melodies.

Composer and violinist Vito Gatto

The dark and mysterious video which accompanies track Quiete.

The amount of tension Vito creates in his music is quite astounding. The intro to opening track Prologue - The Other Side builds slowly and methodically, with rhythmic violin notes reverberating widely until they’re overshadowed by an urgent and captivating arpeggio. The huge crescendos in tracks like Recomposition, Mutation and title track Evolve wouldn’t sound out of place in a big-screen film soundtrack, and if you close your eyes whilst listening you can allow your imagination to play out the scenes for you as you listen.

The vinyl cut of Evolve, by Vito Gatto

A limited edition vinyl release of Evolve was released on October 2nd 2020.
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As well as the huge cinematic sounds, there’s also a lot of more intricate musicianship. The first couple of minutes of Quiete and Stasi feature slow, drawn out string solos which focus the listener, and Decomposition is a beautifully delicate solo piano piece. The haunting whistles used in the intro to Nostalgia are a unique and creative sound I’ve not heard used in this way before.

Overall, Evolve is a great example of varied and unpredictable composition, combining features of electronic and classical genres to create something truly unique and memorable.