The artwork for the album Karma by Rainbow Sahana

French and Tamil are two languages that aren’t commonly combined in popular music, but that’s just one of features which make Rainbow Sahana’s music so unique. Premsanthy Dubois and Pierrick Levé combine forces to create captivating downtempo, trip-hop soundscapes, and new album Karma is no different.

Singer Premsanthy Dubois from Rainbow Sahana

The abstract, kaleidoscopic visual of a freight train makes for captivating viewing in the music video for title track Karma.

Pulling in influences from both Asian and Western culture, we’re treated to a combination of electronic beats and synthesized melodies, alongside Premsanthy’s enchanting vocal. Although I can’t claim to understand the lyrics, her voice is fascinatingly emotive throughout, with the instrumentation subdued enough to allow it to shine. With 12 tracks, including a remix of Game Over by Manipulator, it’s well worth putting aside an hour of your time to listen to Karma in full.