The artwork for the single Articulation by Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles is one of a unique breed of artist. His style is undoubtedly unique, in such a way that you can instantly recognise a track of his on the first listen, yet there are no two examples of any of his tracks which you could even remotely describe as sounding the same.

New single Articulation continues in this vein; an elaborate sonic journey, it comes with twists and turns and peaks that somehow manage to pack the musical diversity of a full-length album into just 6 and a half minutes. And, perhaps best of all, at no point does this diversity sound erratic or out of place. The different sections of this track flow effortlessly into one another, bringing the listener’s mood up and down with the intensity as it varies throughout the track. All in all, this is a truly great listen, and we’re waiting with baited breath for the full album, which is released on 31st July 2020.