The artwork for the single Blóð by Janus Rasmussen

Having recently released his first single of the year Jörð (reviewed here) in March, Janus Rasmussen is back with follow-up Blóð, a minimal techno track with a wholly different vibe. In contrast to the tense and powerful buildups of Jörð, here the beat is understated, the piano is sparse and haunting, the looping synth melody fills the soundscape tremendously, and the bass provides a deep, yet subtle underlay to the whole track.

On paper, there is little to get excited about here. The track progresses slowly but surely with different instrumental elements appearing and then disappearing throughout. Yet, in its simplicity lies its charm. Despite the short, looped melodies and stripped-back instrumentals, Blóð somehow manages to never sound repetitive. Let it be said; this is minimal techno at its finest.