The artwork for the single Jörð by Janus Rasmussen

Janus Rasmussen is an artist who’s been taking the electronic world by storm for quite some time as a member of Kiasmos and Bloodgroup, but has only recently stepped into the limelight as a solo artist, with the release of his first full-length solo album – the fantastic Vín – in 2019.

Jörð is Janus’ first release since Vín, and it’s exactly the sort of driving, melodic techno we’ve come to love and expect from him. He builds the track beautifully, starting with slow melancholic piano, and layering sound after sound. Repeatedly, the track builds tension as if leading to the sort of drop traditional in modern dance music, only to have the beat stripped back to the most minimal of elements ready to build again. Jörð is a real journey, and one which I have enjoyed travelling on many occasions.